Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wanted: Nine new NAC members

The Census Bureau will be seeking nine new NAC members for July or August 2013, to replace those members who have either resigned or completed their terms.

Look for the announcement and details about the nomination process on the Census Bureau’s page in the Federal Register.

If you or someone you know might be a good fit for the NAC, please consider submitting a nomination.

The NAC Charter describes the NAC’s duties:

The committee will provide insight, perspectives and expertise on the full spectrum of Census surveys and programs to assist the Census Bureau in developing appropriate research/methodological, operational, communications, strategies to reduce program/ survey costs, improve coverage and operational efficiency, improve the quality of data collected, protect the public's and business units' privacy and enhance public participation and awareness of Census programs and surveys, and improve the dissemination of data products. 

The committee will examine and advise the Census Bureau on such areas as hidden households, language barriers, students and youth, aging populations, American Indian and Alaska Native tribal considerations, new immigrant populations, populations affected by natural disasters, highly mobile and migrant populations, complex households, poverty, race/ethnic distribution, privacy and confidentiality, rural populations and businesses, individuals and households With limited access to information and communications technologies, the dynamic nature of new businesses, minority ownership of businesses, as well as other concerns impacting Census survey design and implementation.­